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We know your top priority is becoming an airline pilot.
Our mission is helping you get the required flight hours for it.

Fast Track To The Airline Pilot Seat​

After the Covid-19 pandemic, recruitment is now a priority as the rising number of customers start to travel again. Airlines are resuming their hunt for talented pilots, and we want you to be prepared to take advantage of this chance to soar.

We help you build your flight hours quickly and efficiently. During your hour building flights, we cover all the skills essential for successfully completing the CPL course with the minimum required hours, saving you both time and money.

We put you on the fast track to your dream airline job. Reserve your spot and stay in our pilot accommodation in the vibrant city of Budapest.

Why HourBuilding.aero

Garmin G3X Glass Cockpit with autopilot

New Glass Cockpit Aircraft

The Garmin G3X glass cockpit provides advanced flight capabilities and enhanced situational awareness.

Adventurous Routes

Embark on a thrilling flying journey with us as we take you on adventurous routes across Europe.

Hour building on a Garmin glass cockpit Pipistrel Virus SW 121

Accelerated Hour Building

Build up to 30-40 hours a week to meet the requirements for your advanced training modules sooner.

Build 100+ flight hours a month, and...

Mentored PIC Flight Time Building

Accelerate your aviation career with our comprehensive hour building packages. Our unique offer combines hands-on flying experience with expert mentorship from seasoned instructors.

Our mentor pilots guide you in acquiring the essential skills and knowledge needed for a successful aviation career, including flight planning, navigation, and hand-flying. Make the most of your flight time building and reach your goals faster with us.

Experience International Flying

Embark on an unforgettable aviation adventure across Europe with us. Whether you want to enjoy a fresh Schnitzel in a remote Austrian mountain airfield or fly along the Italian coast for a delicious fish lunch, we make it happen.

We are familiar with the best aviation destinations, but if you have a dream location in mind, we’ll be happy to do the flight planning and fly the route with you. Build your confidence as a Pilot-in-Command on international flights.

Fly A New Glass Cockpit Aircraft​

You will fly the advanced and EASA Type-certified Pipistrel Virus SW 121, a new two-seater airplane. With its comfortable interior, dual-screen Garmin glass cockpit, constant speed propeller, air brakes and autopilot, it is the ideal traveler airplane.

Cruise at 120 kts, climb at 1000 fpm, and fly with a range of 1189 km. With full airframe ballistic parachute rescue system, you can fly with peace of mind knowing that your safety is top priority. Plus, it is Night VFR ready, so you can even practice night flying.

Our Amazing Clients

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships and friendships with our clients. See what they have to say about us.

I definitely fully recommend HourBuilding.aero. It is the complete gateway to kick off your dreams and achieve your goals. Very well maintained aircraft with the latest equipment and great planning in the organization to accommodate your flying requests to your needs.
I highly recommend flying with HourBuilding.aero. The Pipistrel Virus SW 121 is a super aircraft, making your international trips very comfortable. The mentors are happy to support you around the clock and ensure your hour building experience is one to remember. I travelled to Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria and Croatia, visiting Gliding sites, restaurants, and an obligatory dip in the sea!

All-Inclusive Hour Building Packages

With our all-inclusive package offer, we provide you with comfortable pilot accommodation starting at €40 a night, along with free transportation from Budapest International Airport. All you need to focus on is your hour building flights. 

Standard rate

€ 160/hour

20+ hours

€ 150/hour

50+ hours

€ 140/hour

Third Country License Conversion​

Have a third country PPL? No worries! We at HourBuilding.aero are here to help you convert it into an EASA licence. The process may seem complex, but with our support, we’ll turn it into a smooth journey for you.

In fact, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you understand the conversion process better. Feel free to check out our newly created blog post, “Converting Your UK CAA PPL to EASA PPL – A Comprehensive Guide

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